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25° Elbow 6” Gate Valve

Super Flow 6” Gate Valves
This LDH gate valve has our largest water way which provides low friction loss due to a high flow design.
The light weight gate valve is available in three configurations, Straight, 30’ elbow or elbow with relief valve,
all models include a 3/4” air bleeder valve, a non-rising stem, an anodized gate, and a stainless steel spindle.
Choose from a variety of sizes of Storz, NST or Flange connections.
Friction loss at 1000 GPM-0.1 psi.
H: 16” L: 10” W: 8.5” Weight: 30 lbs

Caps Available



Part Number Hydrant Connection Outlet LIST
H861-45NHM-45NH 4.5” NH Fem. Swivel 4.5″ NH Male $4,245.00
H861-50-45NH 4.5” NH Fem. Swivel 5″ Storz $4,245.00
H861-50-50NH 5” NH Fem. Swivel 5″ NH Male $4,293.00
H861-50-60NH 6” NH Fem. Swivel 5″ Storz $4,293.00
H861-60-60NH 6” NH Fem. Swivel 6″ Storz $4,293.00
H861-60NHM-60NH 6” NH Fem. Swivel 6″ NH Male $4,293.00
Available Caps
HBC-40 Storz Blind Cap 4″ $86.00
HBC-50 Storz Blind Cap 5″ $119.00
HBC-60 Storz Blind Cap 6″ $220.00