Harrington Hydrant Storz Installation Guide

HPHA™ Thread-On Adapters
  1. Remove threaded cap using the HHSW-100
  2. Remove any debris from the end of the brass male nozzle.
  3. Thread the HPHA™ clockwise onto the male nozzle until the gasket meets the nozzle face.
  4. Tighten the HPHA™ onto the nozzle using the HHSW-100 to ensure that a tight seal is achieved.
  5. Insert the setscrews in the HPHA™ firmly against the nozzle using a 3mm allen wrench.
  6. Fully engage the Storz cap clockwise using the HHSW-100

The Universal “Hydrant Spanner Wrench”. With the Universal Hydrant Spanner Wrench, only one wrench is required at the fire hydrant. This wrench operates the hydrant, as well as the threaded caps and Storz caps.  The head and threaded handle adjust to fit standard sizes of pentagon and square nuts.