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Please note raw material shortages are causing longer than normal lead times on most items.


Although we strive to have accurate pricing on our website, pricing is subject to change without notice.  For an exact quote, please contact us.

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No more time consuming threading and tightening. 

  • 1/4 turn connects or disconnects host to hydrant.
  • A must where multiple steamer thread sizes are used in your area. 
  • Harrington provides adapters with matching threads to fit every hydrant.
  • Made with pride in the USA.

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Harrington Integral Hydrant Storz permits firefighters to connect fire hose to your hydrant in seconds.  Harrington’s is widely regarded as the most efficient available.  Connection takes just 1/4 turn to connect or disconnect.  All size fittings available. Made with pride in the USA.


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The Permanent Sprinkler Storz threads onto a male pipe and is secured permanently to the pipe.  It’s manufactured with a hard anodized aluminum face seal, ramps and lugs.  The Storz high-torque blind cap requires the spanner wrench for removal.


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Features and Benefits

The Harrington Integral Hydrant Storz, HIHS, a patented product, and the Harrington Permanent Hydrant Adapter, HPHA, allow firefighters to connect fire hose to hydrant in seconds.  

These units become a part of the fire hydrant and make connection quick when seconds count. 

2022 Product Catalog

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Quick Connect Guide

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Sprinkler Connection Quick Guide

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Made to Order Adapters

Need A Custom Part? No problem. We can make the adapter to fit your need.



About Harrington, Inc.

A worldwide supplier of high precision water delivery equipment for the fire and sprinkler industries. Harrington provides Storz and threaded adapters in numerous configurations and AWG Fittings for water delivery systems.

As a privately owned family business established in 1988, our main goal is to provide our customers with products that meet and exceed their specifications delivered on time with superior customer service. We are proud that the majority of our products are Made in USA supporting American workers. Our Made in America products are machined from raw aluminum that is again Made in USA. This along with products from Canada and Germany provides the highest quality products available.

What is the average shipping time?

Lead times are extending out every week due to manufacturing issues, raw material shortages, shipping delays and more.  We will always strive to manufacture and ship as fast as possible.

How do I get a quick shipping quote?

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Can't find the size that you need?

Give us a call 800-553-0078! Custom sizes are available.

Why is the price on the website different than what I was quoted?

Although we strive to have accurate pricing on our website, pricing is subject to change without notice.  For an exact quote, please contact us.

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