Our Standard

“What is adequacy? Adequacy is no standard at all.” – Winston Churchill.

Mere adequacy falls short when it comes to Emergency Response Connections. Simply specifying “Storz” on new hydrants and “Storz” on FDC connections is far too NON-SPECIFIC and will allow anything to meet the “spec”. The stakes are too high to risk failure of your community’s Fire Connections.

Especially on FDC Storz, it is critical to eliminate the gasket & locking device from the adapter; it should go without saying that “Storz caps should never have a locking device.” However, in the Sprinkler (FDC) Industry locking devices are on caps and adapters alike. It is avoidable.

Specifying “Harrington Metal Face Storz” eliminates the gasket and locking device from the adapter, prolonging the life of the connection immeasurably, while providing the security of high torque cap removal.

For Fire Hydrants, the Harrington Permanent Hydrant Adapter (HPHA) maintains the 1975 permanent hydrant adapter standard set forth in the Pacific Northwest that year. After years of exclusively aftermarket adapting, Harrington created The Harrington Integral Hydrant Storz (HIHS). The HIHS was created using HPHA specifications as the template for the design. The standard for Permanent Outdoor Installations of Storz Fire Connections needs to be improved across the country.

Metal Face vs. Gasket (replacement part)
No Storz-Lok vs. with lock (moving part)
High-torque cap removal (tamper resistant)
Fire Hydrant
Metal Face Seals

Harrington Hydrant Storz specification for your FDC connections.
Keep your Emergency Response Connections ready for the future. Specify Harrington Metal Face Storz Connections!