Harrington Hydrant Storz / Sprinkler Storz

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Standard Hydrant Valves

HHGV- Hydrant Gate Valves

HHBV- Hydrant Ball Valves

Hydrant Storz

HPHA- Storz Permanent Hydrant Adapters with Cap

HIHS- Harrington Integral Hydrant Storz

Storz Elbow Adapters- NPT, NPSH, NH

H30E- Storz Elbows

H30E- Storz x Storz Swivel

Storz Straight Adapters

HSFS- Storz x Female Swivel Rocker Lug

HSFS- Storz x Female Swivel Long Handle

HSFR- Storz x Female Rigid- NPT & NH

HSMR- Storz x Male Rigid- NPT & NH

HFL- Flange x Storz Adapters

HSTS- Storz x Storz

HSFR- Storz x Female BSP with Lock

Standard Gate Valves

H800- 4" Straight Gate Valves

H810- 25 degree Elbow 4" Gate Valves with PRV

H811- 25 degree Elbow Gate Valves

Super Flow 6" Gate Valves

H860- Super Flow Straight 6" Gate Valves

H861- 25 degree Elbow 6' Gate Valves

Distributor Ball Valves

H200- Standard 2-Way Ball Valves

H201- Small 2-Way Ball Valves (Leader Line Wye)

H202- Mid Size 2-Way Ball Valves (Leader Line Wye)

H300- 3-Way Ball Valves

H301- Small 3-Way Ball Valves (Water Thief)

H301- 3 Way Manifolds

H400- 5-Way Manifolds

H600- Super Flow 2-Way Ball Valves

Siamese Valves

HJ20- Jumbo Siamese- Double Clappered

H220- 2-Way Siamese

H330- 3-Way Siamese

H440- 4-Way Siamese

Storz Accessories

HSAS- Storz Adapter Screens

HBC- Storz Blind Caps

HSTC- Storz Test Caps and Adapters

HTPB- Storz Couplings with Three-Part Binding

HTPB-US- 3 Lug Storz Couplings

HVC- Harrington "V-Groove" Shank Couplings

HBI- British Instantaneous Fittings

HMLC- MultiLug Couplings with three part binding

HMLA- MultiLug Adapters and Caps

Adapters: MultiLug x BSP Female

Wrenches and Accessories

HSSW- Spanner Wrenches 

HSSW-501-HSW  Harrington All in One Wrench Set

Miscellaneous Parts

     AWG30291233- Handwheel

     HRV-250-S- Pressure Relief Valve

     HABV- Ball Valve

     HPG-100- Pressure Gauge

     HLG-25NH- Swivel Rocker Lug

Storz Seals and Thread Gaskets

HSSS- Storz Suction Seals

HSPS- Storz Pressure Seals

HNHG- NH Gaskets

HBSPG- BSP Gaskets

Threaded Adapters

     H35- Female Swivel RL x Female Swivel RL

H36- Double Male Rocker Lug Adapters

H37- Male x Female Rigid Rocker Lug Adapters

H53- Female Swivel RL x Female Rigid

H53L- Female Swivel LH x Female Rigid

H54- Male x Female Swivel Rocker Lug

H54L- Male x Female Swivel Long Handle

H56- NH Male x Female Rigid Long Handle

H57L- Female Swivel LH x Female Swivel LH

HTBC- Threaded Blind Caps

HTP- Harrington Threaded Plugs

Butterfly Valves

     HTBFV- Threaded Valves

     HSBFV- Storz Valves

Drafting Equipment

     PVC Suction Hose


     Basket Strainer/Diffuser