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-  No more time consuming threading and tightening.
-  1/4 turn connects or disconnects host to hydrant.
-  A must where multiple steamer thread sizes are used in your area.
-  Harrington provides adapters with matching threads to fit every hydrant.

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Harrington Integral Hydrant Storz permits firefighters to connect fire hose to your hydrant in seconds.  Harrington's is widely regarded as the most efficient available.  Connection takes just 1/4 turn to connect or disconnect.  All size fittings available.

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The Permanent Sprinkler Storz threads onto a male pipe and is secured permanently to the pipe.  It's manufactured with a hard anodized aluminum face seal, ramps and lugs.  The Storz high-torque blind cap requires the spanner wrench for removal.

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ALL BRASS 6” flat face 150# flange x 5” Storz (without lock) with 5” Storz Cap- HFLFO-60-50ST/Cap

Aluminum Elbow 30° 6″ NH female swivel rocker lug x 6″ NH male- H30E-60NHM-60NH

Spanner Wrenches!  Click HERE for our full line!

Features and Benefits

The Harrington Integral Hydrant Storz™, HIHS™, a patented product, and the Harrington Permanent Hydrant Adapter™, HPHA™, allow firefighters to connect fire hose to hydrant in seconds.  

These units become a part of the fire hydrant and make connection quick when seconds count. 

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